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PAMZO Chemical Founded in Canada

Bio Green Crystals was birthed over 30 years ago when industries located in the Canadian Frontier begged for smarter ways to ship cleaning products in subzero degree temperatures and dire conditions. With very little options, products were forced to be drop-shipped from a plane or hauled by husky sleds. With the creation of “crystals,” came the ability to effortlessly ship products that weighed very little and used negligible amounts of space.

Today, Bio Green Crystals are produced using the same method. The result? The only cleaning product that can claim to be zero waste.

But our Bio Green Crystals product doesn’t stop at saving the Earth. Our greatest responsibility are to the ones that we care for, our families, our children. To that end, Bio Green Products are formulated using only natural ingredients.

January 13, 1998

Newfoundland and Labrador delegation busy during 1998 Team Canada Trade Mission

The Newfoundland and Labrador delegation was quick off the mark today during the 1998 Team Canada Trade Mission to South America, signing its first two business agreements in Mexico City.

Premier Brian Tobin signed a Memorandum of Understanding today on behalf of the province with Carlos Gutierrez Ruiz, National President of CANACINTRA, the Association of Industry in Mexico that represents more than 30,000 member companies from the manufacturing, oil and gas and services sectors. The agreement is designed to promote industrial cooperation, technology transfer and investment among local industry sectors in both geographical locations.

Premier Tobin said: “Companies must establish international business partnerships in order to pursue the growing number of opportunities that exist beyond their respective borders. This agreement can facilitate business relationships between CANACINTRA members and companies from Newfoundland and Labrador, which have demonstrated that they can compete and succeed anywhere in the world.”

Mr. Ruiz said: “By signing this Memorandum of Understanding today, we are expressing a keen interest in strengthening the commercial relations of the respective economies. With today’s global marketplace developing at such a rapid pace, the growth potential for both areas signing this agreement is tremendous. We believe that this potential can be realized by working together through this agreement.”

The National Chamber of the Transformation Industry of Mexico, CANACINTRA was created in 1941 as a response to the need of a national entity the could incorporate a vast number of manufacturing sectors of the Mexican economy. The major efforts of this huge industry assocation have been oriented towards the stimulation of the manufacturing sector and the promotion of exports. CANACINTRA also has a firm commitment to expand the industrialization of Mexico, looking to the integration of new technologies to benefit its associate members. To accomplish this, they are interested in working with companies that offer high technology and training programs to upgrade and modernize present capabilities in Mexico.

Meanwhile, a private sector agreement will be signed at a ceremony later today. PAMZO Enterprises, a local manufacturer of environmentally-friendly cleaning products, will sign a letter of intent today to confirm the sale of a large order of detergent to a Mexican company.

Cec Rowe, President of PAMZO Enterprises, who will sign the document today at a ceremony with officials of Industrias J.L.C. S.A. of Mexico, said that there is a strong demand for his products in Mexico. He said: “The minimum objective is to sell two 20ft container loads of LESSPAK concentrated dry type detergent. I am extremely pleased to sign this agreement today and I believe it is the beginning of significant business opportunities for our company in Mexico and South America.”

Premier Brian Tobin said that Trade Team Canada is not focused solely on large, multi-national corporations. “This company represents the potential of many of the smaller, innovative companies in Newfoundland and Labrador that can be selling products in the global marketplace. There are many small to medium-sized enterprises participating in this mission, like PAMZO Enterprises, that are offering unique and competitive products and services in today’s competitive marketplace.”

LESSPAK detergents have an advantage over liquid concentrates because water has been removed. A case of LESSPAK all-purpose detergent will produce up to 7,274 litres (1,600 gallons) weighing only 12 lbs., providing a product with significantly reduced shipping and warehousing costs. PAMZO Enterprises is currently selling to distributors in Canada with a new focus on the export market, particularly to areas such as Cuba, Caribbean countries, Chile and Mexico.

Source: http://www.releases.gov.nl.ca/releases/1998/exec/0113n01.htm

March 09, 2011

Kings Super Market set to carry Bio+Green Crystals, the Worlds first Nutraceutical Grade and Doctor Endorsed Cleaners developed for People with Allergies and Sensitive Skin.

Kings Super Market is set to launch Bio+Green Crystals, a set of innovative and revolutionary cleaning products. Bio+Green Crystals are water-soluble pouches containing premeasured amounts of Nutraceutical Grade Crystal Compounds. When immersed in water, the pouch and powder dissolve formulating a precise cleaning solution for specific cleaning purposes.

Kings Super Markets will carry a variety of cleaners including: Glass and Window Cleaner, All-Purpose Kitchen Cleaner, and a Bathroom Cleaner to start. Bio+Green Crystals offers seven current varieties including a Fruit and Vegetable Wash, a Child Safe Cleaner, an All Natural Degreaser and a Stainless Steel Cleaner.

Kings Super Market was founded in 1936 with the core tenets being exceptional quality, unrivaled selection and world class service. These values have been instilled in their culture and have been instrumental to their growth and reputation, as Kings is now a respected 24-store upscale grocery chain serving NJ and NY.

Source: http://www.free-press-release.com/

DECEMBER 05, 2011

National Bio+Green Sciences Introduces First-Ever Nutraceutical Grade, Vitamin Based, Alcohol-Free, Organic Hand Cleanser

Nik Renieris, founder and CEO of National Bio+Green Sciences (http://www.nbgsusa.com), introduces HandSan, the first-ever alcohol-free, organic hand cleanser made solely from organic, complex bioflavonoids, organic acids, vitamins and water with no artificial preservatives. Like all Bio+Green Crystals products (http://www.biogreencrystals.com), HandSan is nutraceutical grade, safe for human consumption and 100% safe for people, pets and the planet.

“We created HandSan (MSRP: $5.99 for 2 oz) so parents could feel secure using and giving their kids a hand cleanser that is organic, safe, and most importantly, effective at killing germs. The introduction is especially timely now that we’re approaching the height of the cold and flu season,” explained Mr. Renieris. HandSan ingredients are both USDA and ECOCERT certified organic. It has no artificial colors or preservatives, and unlike chemical and alcohol-based hand sanitizers, it is all natural, allergen-free and packed with anti-oxidants and vitamins.

Mr. Renieris continued, “Like all Bio+Green Crystals products, our HandSan is a people-friendly product, created in America, using local components whenever possible, supporting regional and national businesses and creating quality manufacturing-based jobs.” An entrepreneurial, completely self-funded start-up selling eco products internationally and now nationally, National Bio+Green Sciences is responsible for over 70 quality jobs in the New York metro area.

In addition to HandSan, the Bio+Green Crystals eco-friendly product line includes environmentally safe cleaning compounds packaged in water-soluble packets. The proprietary NBGS crystallization process purifies each product, completely removing any potential volatile organic compounds or impurities that can affect developmental stages of growth leading to increased ADHD, Asthma and Autism rates. When immersed in water, sachet and crystals dissolve formulating a precise, natural cleaning solution for specific cleaning purposes. The Bio+Green cleaning products include: Glass & Window Cleaner, All-Purpose Spearmint Cleaner, Natural Degreaser, Natural Lavender Bathroom Cleaner, Stainless Steel Cleaner, Child-Safe Multi Surface Toy Cleaner and a Fruit & Vegetable Wash.

“HandSan is a revolutionary wellness product, safe and effective for both the environment and individuals,” said Dr. Kenneth A. Bock, internationally recognized expert on immune system health and the treatment of complex chronic illness, and founder of the 4-A Healing Foundation. National Bio+Green Sciences donates a percentage of all Bio+Green Crystals sales to the 4-A Healing Foundation, which provides medical services and related products, including Bio+Green Crystals, to economically distressed families with children afflicted by the 4-A disorders.

HandSan, together with the Bio+Green Crystals all-natural line of household cleaners, are available for purchase at http://www.store.biogreencrystals.com and at select retail locations.

About National Bio+Green Sciences USA

Created in 2009 by noted entrepreneur Nikolaos (Nik) Renieris, National Bio+Green Sciences (NBGS) is an independent manufacturer of additives and compounds for the health and wellness sector. The company researches and develops high quality, value added niche market and proprietary products that provide innovative solutions to the specific chemistry needs of its customers. NBGS designs human and environmentally superior products according to – and often exceeding – green industry and governmental standards. Among their many accolades and awards for significant green production, NBGS is an EPA Waste Wise Partner and their Crystals carry the EPA Design for the Environment certification. NBGS serves customers in Australia, Canada, the Caribbean, Europe and the Americas.


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