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Experience the amazing powers of Bamboo and Charcoal united

The Charbright toothbrush has organic bamboo charcoal embedded into every bristle in the brush. The activated charcoal helps prevent bad breath, remove plaque, and is a natural deodorizer.  The bamboo’s natural antimicrobial properties creates negative ions, which helps prevent harmful bacteria growth on the toothbrush between uses.  Our uniquely designed toothbrush, will deliver a first-class care for your mouth every time.


Bamboo Charcoal Toothbrush


Natural elements create a healthier world

Organic bamboo is one of the worlds most renewable natural resources, with innate antimicrobial properties.  So we decided it would be the perfect base for our Charbright toothbrush.  The porous structure of bamboo charcoal allows it to absorb and filter odors, harmful chemicals, toxins, and all sorts of impurities.  It absorbs an encompassing range of organic and in-organic substances and the best part is –it is completely natural and safe for your health.

It’s fair to say bamboo is the king of the charcoal world.  It’s surface area is three times bigger and it’s absorption rate is four times stronger than regular charcoal. This makes bamboo charcoal one of the best natural materials at collecting harmful substances and when infused with a toothbrush it works wonders for your teeth and gums.  In addition to all of the health benefits mentioned above, the bamboo charcoal excels at absorbing stain causing impurities from your teeth. Making your teeth cleaner, smoother, and whiter.